Turing patterns


When I was looking trough the microscope I realized that almost everything is build up from the same tiny pieves (cells). Ofcourse I knew this but to realize that everything starts with even more tiny particles and grow to bigger constructions fascinates me.

For a while I was wondering if it was coincidence that the patterns I saw trough the microscope  where almost the same as shapes you see back in nature, and especially the sea.

well, it isn’t. I found a book about this phenomenon from Alan Turing called ‘The chemical basis of morphogenesis”

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Wanderers – Digitally grown 3d printed wearables that could embed living matter

Neri oxman

Wanderers is a collaborative project between Neri Oxman (and the team at the Mediated Matter Group at MIT Media Lab), Christoph Bader & Dominik Kolb (Deskriptiv) to create four digitally grown and 3d printed wearables that could embed living matter. The teams are working on a computational growth process which is capable of producing a wide variety of growing structures. Inspired by natural growth behaviour, the computational process creates shapes that adapt to their environment. Starting with a seed, the process simulates growth by continuously expanding and refining its shape. The wearables are designed to interact with a specific environment characteristic of their destination and generate sufficient quantities of biomass, water, air and light necessary for sustaining life: some photosynthesize converting daylight into energy, others bio-mineralize to strengthen and augment human bone, and some fluoresce to light the way in pitch darkness.

Source: Wanderers – Digitally grown 3d printed wearables that could embed living matter