20160612_170936I Started looking for artists that make automata and tiny machinery and felt really exited to start making again, not seeing any obstructions like I did last year with a lot of things I made . I found the artist David Beck that “simply” explanes what fascinates him and It’s not that abstract, high literary or complicated. He is inspired by 17th century des Cabinets de Curiosités and makes intamately scaled creatures he is fascinated by and sets them in to movent by tiny cranks

“The works invite wonder in the same way a marvelous and complicated toy captivates a child.’

Again, what I discovered described in my research proposal, my reason to make shouldn’t be that complicated, I should make out of fascination and not worry to much (yet) why.

Was my bachelor work really that bad that I should drop it? Thinking about this in combination with my new development brings me to the tought that there was something in it which I start to see now.

Start working, less talking and thinking :)) see new sketches on top of the post






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