Generative science


While learning the programm Processing I stumbled upon notions like “generative science”.
During my feedback session I was to much focused scientific research and the processes. trying to get as close as possible to science and being a scientist as an artist. I red about the differences between art and science and concluded that I shouldn’t go in to deep in scientific research and not try to make correct experiments because I can’t. It would bother me if I wouldn’t succeed by the rules of science, while I’m definitely NOT a scientist.
I ‘decided’ to use the visual language of science to create work rather than make correctly scientific genius things.
I think my work would end up naturally looking like something scientific.
creating my own science

Generative science is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary science that explores the natural world and its complex behaviours as a generative process. Generative science shows how deterministic and finite rules and parameters in the natural phenomena interact with each other to generate seemingly unanticipated and infinite behaviour. Yet, these innumerable unforeseen generative patterns and unexpected generative behaviours are fundamentally deterministic.

These sciences include psychology and cognitive science, cellular automata, generative linguistics, natural language processing, connectionism, self-organization, evolutionary biology, neural network, social network, neuromusicology, Quantum cellular automata, information theory, systems theory, genetic algorithms, Computational sociology, Communication networks, artificial life, chaos theory, complexity theory, Network science, epistemology, Quantum dot cellular automaton, Quantum computer, systems thinking, genetics, philosophy of science, Quantum mechanics, cybernetics, Digital Physics, Digital Philosophy, bioinformatics, agent based modeling and catastrophe theory.


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